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Secure Your Estate

Your Estate includes everything you have worked hard for all your life. Why risk losing any of it?

Your Estate includes your House, Savings, Car, and all your other possession, now and still to come. And, when you are no longer here, you probably want everything to pass down to your chosen loved ones.

Unfortunately, without a Will, this does not always happen in the way it was expected to, which can create confusion, disappointment, and even distress to those left behind.

Don't Leave It To Chance. We can help you ensure your estate and your chosen loved ones are legally protected from unnecessary and avoidable loss. It is certainly a wise move to do it now... while you still can. 

7 Reasons WHY...

Your children and other loved ones may only inherit PART of everything you have worked for all your life...

If there is NO Will, or it can’t be found at the time it is needed, your loved ones will now inherit according to strict Government Rules. The resulting outcome may end up very different from the people you wanted to inherit or in the way you wanted them to inherit.

Making your Will ensures YOU decide who you want to inherit, and what you want them to receive.

It is also vitally important that your Will is stored safely so it is found when it is needed. If it can't be found Government Rules decide who inherits.

We can help you make the Right Will for you and ensure it is safely stored and up to date when it is needed.

Future CARE FEES are a looming potential issue for most of us: Failing to prepare for and manage the impact of potential future Care Fees now could result in a substantial reduction in the value of what is left for loved ones to inherit.

With the Right Will and Protective Planning, we can help you ensure that the impact of care fees on the value of your loved one's actual inheritance is minimised wherever possible. 

Divorce. If you legally divorce and change your Will, there should be no direct issues. BUT, what about "indirect divorce".

If you left your married child an inheritance, for example, and then they later got divorced,
part of that inheritance could go to your ex-daughter/ son-in-law in the divorce settlement.

With good forward planning, we can help you protect your adult children's inheritance from loss in this way. 

Future Spouse.  When you are no longer here, your surviving spouse/partner may marry again.

If they were to then subsequently get divorced, the divorce settlement may see their new spouse end up with a substantial amount that was otherwise meant for your children. This could significantly reduce your children's potential future inheritance.

With the RIght Will, we can help you protect your children's inheritance from unnecessary loss to a future spouse. 

Blended Families. The inheritance of children in “blended” families can be at particular risk because, when you are gone, the surviving spouse/partner’s relationship with your children could change in a seriously negative way.

At some point, this could result in the surviving spouse changing their Will and potentially leaving everything to "their" children..."your" children could inherit little or nothing.

We can help you better protect the inheritance you want to go to your children from a previous relationship so that they can receive in accordance with your wishes.  

Unmarried Partners. If there is no Will, and because rules are different from those of married partners, your unmarried partner will not be deemed your next of kin.

This means that what you wanted to leave them may go to somebody else as a result. Depending on the particular circumstances your unmarried partner could get little or even nothing.

With the Right Will for you, we can help you ensure that your unmarried partner inherits in accordance with your wishes. 

An unexpected Inheritance Tax Bill often comes as a shock.

Increased home values and general growth in personal wealth can produce a significant and totally
unexpected Inheritance Tax bill, often because people didn’t think it applied to them.

We can help you. With Good Planning any potential Inheritance Tax Bill can be minimised or, possibly, even eliminated.

Contact us Today about Making Your Will

With The "Right" Will and Lifetime Planning

YOU can help ensure that your children and chosen loved ones inherit the maximum possible from everything you have worked so hard for all your life.

Protect Your Estate, because it is everything you have.

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