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Your Estate includes Everything 
you have worked hard for all your life.

Secure Your Estate

Your Estate includes your House, Savings, Car and all your other possession, now and still to come. And, when you are no longer here, you probably want them to pass down to your chosen loved ones,
your Beneficiaries.

7 Reasons WHY Your Children and other Loved Ones may
 only inherit PART of Everything You have Worked for All Your Life

  1.  NO WILL, or it can’t be found at the time: Your loved ones will now inherit according to strict government rules, which may not be what you wanted.
  2. CARE FEES: If you do not prepare for and manage the impact of potential future Care Fees it could significantly reduce the value of what is left for loved ones to inherit.
  3. DIVORCE: If you left your married child an inheritance, and then they later got divorced, part of that inheritance could go to your ex-daughter/son-in-law
    in the divorce settlement.

  4. FUTURE SPOUSE: When you’re gone, if your spouse/partner remarries then later got divorced, the future spouse could end up with a substantail amount that was meant for your children, significantly reducing their future inheritance 
  5. SECOND RELATIONSHIPS: The inheritance of children in “blended” families
    is at risk
    because the surviving spouse/partner’s relationship with your children could change. The New Spouse could change their Will and leave everything  to "their children" which means "your children could inherit little or nothing.
  6. UNMARRIED PARTNERS: Because rules are different to marriage,
    your unmarried partner may not inherit what you wanted to leave them…
    it could go to others.
  7. TAX: Increased home values and general growth in personal wealth can produce an unexpected inheritance tax bill, often because people didn’t think
    it applied to them.

 It wise to make sure all aspects of your Estate are legally protected
from unnecessary and avoidable loss. It is even wiser to do something about this now...while you still can.


With The "Right" Will and LIfetime Planning
YOU can help ensure that YOUR Children and Chosen Loved Ones Inherit the Maximum Possible from Everything You Have Worked
So Hard For All Your life

Protect Your Estate, because it is Everything You Have

We can help YOU Secure YOUR Family’s Inheritance and give You Peace of Mind

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