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Great News!! You are Still Here Alive and Kicking!
BUT...What If!!

Protect Your Own Best Interests

Now Is The Time To Protect Yourself LEGALLY against Potential Future Events... While You are Still Able to Do So

Protect Your Best Interests - Secure Inheritance


What if, at some time in the future, you were dealt an unexpected blow... a serious illness or
accident that resulted in you being unable to make your own decisions

Who would take care of things for you? 

  • Pay Your Bills.
  • Manage and operate your bank accounts. In certain circumstances Joint Accounts can be frozen or at least restricted which could, potentially, leave your spouse and family in financial difficulties for some time.
  • Attend to any of your personal business.
  • Run any commercial business you own, invoices, stock orders, sales, payroll, tax affairs etc
  • Arrange your medical care and/or residential care.

​You may be quick to say, “my spouse/partner would”

They can...BUT ONLY if they have legal authority to act and deal with many of these matters.That legal authority needs to be put in place NOW while you are still well and mentally capable to do so.

If they don’t have that legal authority when the time comes, then they may find things difficult, if not impossible. In some cases, they could “hit a brick wall” with certain institutional rules and be unable to access your monies and other assets. This could put considerable stress and financial strain on you and your family at that time.

Moreover, if an illness or accident leaves you unable to make your own decisions you are now deemed a vulnerable person and  the Court of Protection and The Office of the Public Guardian become involved.

If your spouse/ partner, adult child or somebody else does not have the legal authority to act on your behalf, then the Court of Protection will apppoint somebody to  make all such decisions for you. This will involve cost, paperwork and many months of waiting for somebody to act.                  The person they appoint may not be the one you would have chosen.

Once you have lost mental capacity it can be too late
to appoint somebody you might want to act for you.

Protect Your Own Best Interests NOW...
Make your Lasting Power of Attorney
You will make it much easier for your spouse and others
and they will be so glad that you did


We can help YOU Secure YOUR Family’s Inheritance and give You Peace of Mind

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