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Protecting Your Beneficiaries can be
Just as Important as Protecting Your Estate

Protect Your Beneficiaries

Protect Your Chosen Loved Ones from Unnecessary Loss from            their Inheritance AFTER they receive it.

Doing everything you can to minimize any loss from your Estate before it is distributed to your chosen beneficiaries is a prudent thing to do. But, what about your spouse, children and grandchildren; how vulnerable are they to potential loss AFTER they receive their inheritance

Protect Your YOUNG Beneficiaries

Legally, a child can inherit when they reach 18 years: it is then totally theirs to spend as they wish. Thousands of pounds at 18 years old could become a huge problem; fast car, wild holidays and all gone in no time! However, with the Right Will and Planning in place, YOU can choose the person(s) who YOU want to raise your young children and to manage their inheritance if both parents were no longer here.

You can also help ensure that any inheritance you leave your young children is managed by a person of your choosing. E.g. you may wish to direct that their inheritance is invested and used sensibly for their benefit before they reach 18 years (e.g. school fees, special trips, medical fees, college fees etc). You may even want to restrict the age your children fully inherit to, say, 21 or even 25 years of age when you feel that maturity and the brain may have finally caught up with each other!!

‚ÄčProtect Your ADULT Beneficiaries

Imagine this: Your married Son or Daughter receives a generous amount from your estate and, no doubt, it will be much appreciated. Sadly, some time later, they get divorced. Your child's spouse could even be the cause of the divorce and, yet, Your Child's SPOUSE could claim a substantial part of that inheritance because it is deemed an asset in the divorce would that affect family feelings?

TAX: The Inheritance you leave to your adult child may again, no doubt, be very much appreciated. BUT,as a result of receiving this inheritance, this added wealth they now have puts THEIR estate into the Inheritance Tax bracket. This could mean that your grandchildren may inherit a reduced amount from their parent’s future estate because, when that time comes, because the Tax Office might like to get their hands on a sizable chunk of their parent’s estate first.

Protect Your SPOUSE

In certain cases your spouse could be put in the position of having to sell the family home to meet the inheritance demands of a very determined beneficiary. Today, it is not uncommon for inheritance values to be substantially high enough for “demands” for “my share” to be released now. This can often be driven by the encouragement of a demanding “We need that money now” in-law spouse. This could result in your spouse feeling pressured to sell the family home to meet such a demand.

Protect Your Beneficiaries...they may well need it!


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