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Prevent Avoidable Loss

The Inheritance Tax Rate (after allowances) is a Whopping 40% and it MUST be paid before anybody inherits.

It is said that IHT is sometimes paid by those who fail to plan to NOT pay it! With good planning, it is often possible to Minimise or even Eliminate this concern.

Many people think Inheritance Tax won't apply to them

However, with significant growth in property and savings values, some beneficiaries are deeply shocked when they discover that their anticipated inheritance has been significantly reduced by an unexpected Inheritance Tax bill. Added to that, it has to be paid out of the estate BEFORE they receive whatever is left of their inheritance.

You CAN do something about this....the sooner the better.

Your estate includes EVERYTHING you own at that time, Your Home, Savings and Other Investments, and all your possessions.

Calculations for Inheritance tax liability can be complex and lengthy, and, after any allowable deductions are made, the balance of your estate could be taxed at 40%... leaving LESS for your chosen loved ones to inherit.

Planning NOW to mitigate Inheritance Tax means, as rules and your circumstances continuously evolve, you can implement the most appropriate strategies to ensure your estate is always in the most tax-effective optimum position.  

Good expert planning can help minimise or even eliminate potential Inheritance Tax Bills.

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We can help you secure YOUR family’s inheritance and give you peace of mind.

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