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The Inheritance Tax Rate is a Whopping 40% (after allowances) And it MUST be paid BEFORE anybody inherits

Prevent Avoidable Losses

It is said that IHT is sometimes paid by those who fail to plan to NOT  pay it! With good planning, it is often possible to Minimize or even Eliminate this concern

Many people think Inheritance Tax won’t apply to them

However, with suprising property values and savings coming in to the estate, some beneficiaries are deeply shocked when they discover that their inheritance has been significantly reduced by an unexpected Inheritance tax bill that has to be paid out of the estate BEFORE they receive whatever is left.

Remember this...

Potential Inheritance Tax liability is calculated on the TOTAL value of your estate after all applicable allowances. Your estate includes EVERYTHING you own at that time, Your Home, Savings and Other Investments and all your possessions. Calculations for Inheritance tax liability can be complex and lengthy, and, after any allowable deductions are made, the balance of your estate could be taxed at 40%.... leaving LESS for your chosen loved ones to inherit.


We can help YOU Secure YOUR Family’s Inheritance and give You Peace of Mind

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