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Making a Basic Will gives you Choice
The "RIGHT" Will gives you Choice, Protection and Control

Make Your Will

With a Will YOU Decide Who Gets What.
Without a Will Government Rules Decide For You!

You have probably been meaning to make your Will but still haven’t got around to doing it for one reason or another. Haven't had the time. Think it will be expensive. Don't like the thought of going to a solicitor's office. You may have even heard people say....

“I don’t care who gets what because I won’t be here”

Really? How would your family feel if the local care authority, tax office or others received some of, what should have been, their inheritance. This potential loss may have been avoided with the right Will and lifetime planning.

“They will sort it out between themselves”

They might do, but you may also leave loved ones arguing and confused about who gets what, which could cause unnecessary ill feeling and bitterness between them....                                                probably the last thing you ever wanted to do!

“My wife / husband / partner will get everything anyway”

They might, and they might not. The law places limits on who receives what in certain circumstances...Can you be sure? You can be more certain if you have made your Will.

My wife / husband/ partner would make sure my kids from my previous marriage get a share of my estate.”

They probably would, but circumstances can change. Your spouse could remarry and, if they die first, the new spouse could get everything, and your kids could end up with little or nothing!

Making Your Will is probably one of the most thoughtful and     loving things you can do for those that matter most to you

Making Your Basic Will ensures that YOU choose WHO you would like to Inherit WHAT out of the estate you leave behind. It is limited to just that and cannot offer any protection to your estate or beneficiaries.

Making the "RIGHT" Will for you can not only offer you choice of who inherits what, it can also give you more say in "How" they inherit. The Right Will, together with Lifetime planning, can also help protect your estate and your beneficiaries from unnecessary and avoidable loss to their inheritance from "Unintended" Others.


With the RIGHT Will and LIfetime Planning we can help you
Secure and Protect Your Family's Future Inheritance. All at very Affordable Fees and in the Comfort of Your Own Home.


We can help YOU Secure YOUR Family’s Inheritance and give You Peace of Mind

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