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Make Your Will

Making a basic Will gives you choice about who inherits. The "RIGHT" Will gives you added choice, plus protection and control.

With a Will YOU decide who gets what. Without a Will, Government Rules decide for you.

You have probably been meaning to make your Will but still haven’t got around to doing it yet. Perhaps you haven't had the time, or you aren't really sure what would be the right Will for you and, perhaps, would like some guidance and advice.

Making Your Will is probably one of the most thoughtful and loving things you can do for those who matter most to you.

Making a basic Will ensures that YOU choose WHO you would like to Inherit WHAT from your estate (everything you leave behind). It does, however, have its limitations. For example, a basic Will, does not provide any flexibility or protection to your estate or beneficiaries.

Making the "RIGHT" Will for you can give you additional choices such as more control and flexibility over "HOW" they inherit. In conjunction with good planning, it can also help protect your beneficiaries from unnecessary, avoidable loss from their inheritance to "Unintended Others".

You may have even heard people say...

Really? How might your family feel if the local care authority, tax office or other "unintended beneficiaries" received some of your hard-earned savings or assets which, perhaps, could have gone to your loved ones?

With the Right Will and lifetime planning, a potential loss may have been at least minimised or avoided altogether.

They might do, but you may also leave your loved ones confused and even arguing about who gets what. This could cause unnecessary ill-feeling and bitterness between them... probably the last thing you ever wanted to do!

With the Right Will you can leave certainty and love behind.

They might, but can you be sure? Without a Will in place, government rules can place strict limits on who receives what. This may bring your spouse severe disappointment or distress especially if it ignites a family dispute at what is already a very difficult time for them all.

You can be more certain who is to receive what if you have the Right Will in why leave it to chance?

Maybe they would, but circumstances can often change. For example, your spouse could remarry and, if they were to die first, their new spouse could get everything and your kids could end up with little or nothing!

With the Right Will and Planning, you can help protect your children's inheritance from being unnecessarily lost to others.   

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With the RIGHT Will and Lifetime Planning we can help you Secure and Protect Your Family's Future Inheritance. All at very Affordable Fees and in the Comfort of Your Own Home.

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