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Region – South East

John Kelly

City: Maidstone

I help people understand that if they do not have a will, (or the “Right” Will), their loved ones may only inherit PART of everything they have worked so hard for all their lives... and the rest may go to unintended third parties.

For more than a dozen years I have specialised in helping people have the “Right” Will and lifetime planning for them and their family, to ensure the MAXIMUM possible goes to those they love and not to those they don’t.

John Kelly was very Helpful

"John Kelly was really helpful right from the start. We took a long time to try and find the right service and person for Grandad to write his will. John was very responsive and helpful with all of our queries and questions. John made the process really straightforward for Grandad and we felt reassured everything was done properly and John was very knowledgeable! I would definitely recommend John and secure inheritance for your will and lasting power of attorney. Thank you John"

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